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Peter Piller - In Löcher blicken

Peter Piller - In Löcher blicken

Peter Piller collects pictures familiar to everyone. He finds them in the archives of regional newspapers or in the picture collections of a company which sells aerial views of houses. Freed from their original context they appear to lose any significance. By putting them together and classifying them they look like clichees of commercial photography on first look. However, a second glance opens up new meanings and unusual relationships.

The titles of the series are very often the original picture titles or notices such as ”Nothing to see yet (construction clearance), ”Regional Lighting“, ”Jewel/Blemish“ or ”More beautiful from Earth“. What at first seems to be a detail at the edge of the photo can be the start of a story. In search of the indefinable picture, the artist has cut out around 7000 newspaper photos in the last 10 years and has archived them in 100 categories. His exhibition projects are chains of motives rich in associations, organised and individually deciphered by the observer. By multiplying and serially ordering, new shifts of value and significance occur and the ideal of the absolute picture is annulled.

Peter Piller was born in 1968 in Fitzlar , studied German and free art and is presently a professor of photography in the field of contemporary arts at the HGB Leipzig. His archive has been published by the Revolver Publishing House (Frankfurt am Main) in ten volumes to date.

Peter Piller - In Löcher blicken
Salzburger Kunstverein

Dal 14/02/07 al 15/04/07

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