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The Measure of Sensibility

Gina Pane Ideal Situation: Land-Artist-Sky 1969, Ph. Stéphane Bellanger, Frac Loire

On the initiative of the French region of Pays de la Loire, within the framework of the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of economic and cultural cooperation with the Hungarian region of Lake Balaton, the Fonds régional d’art contemporain des Pays de la Loire presents a selection from its collection at two prestigious locations in Budapest: the French Institute and the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art.
The context of the invitation and the geographic situation of the two sites of the exhibition – on both banks of the Danube: the first to the Northwest, the second to the Southeast – provided the point of departure in making the selection of works: within the scope of “the meeting”, in its broadest sense, thus under the generic title: La Mesure du sensible (The Measure of Sensibility).
The exhibition assembles twenty-nine works of nineteen artists: in the form of video and sound installations, paintings, sculpture, drawings, photography and film.
The artistic propositions presented raise the question of the artist in relation to the other: within a social context (Boldyreff, Bornstein, Familiari, Hyber, Warhol, Wodiczko); in the face of history (Afif, Collin-Thiébaut, Narkevicius, Negro, Perray); with regard to the landscape and the space of the work (Dinahet, Pei-Ming, Pane, Janssens, Ondák); or at the heart of the open studio (Barbier, Gerson, Sorin).
These different approaches bear witness to a universal sentiment of approaching the other, of giving of oneself and fostering exchange, of discovering a common ground in the desire of achieving a shared existence.
Finally, the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art receives the artworks from the Frac collection within a dialogue with the works of its own collections, as the two institutions function according to the same spirit of international openness, both in terms of their programmes and their respective collections.

Jean-michel Jagot

The Measure of Sensibility
Selection from the collection of the Frac des Pays de la Loire


Saâdane AFiF
Gilles BARBiER
Fabrice HYBER
Ann Veronica JANSSENS
Deimantas NARKEViCiUS
Marylène NEGRO
Pierrick SORiN
Krzysztof WODiCZKO

The Measure of Sensibility
Ludwig Museum
Marcell u. 1
Budapest - Hungary
Dal 19/01/07 al 11/03/07

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