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Is there anybody out there?

lipanjepuntin - Is there anybody out there?

Mostra collettiva alla galleria LipanjePuntin con opere di:
Masayuki Akiyoshi - Jasmine Bertusi - David Byrne - Andrea Chiesi - Marco Citron - Giacomo Costa - Martino Coppes- Romain Erkiletlian - Domiziana Giordano - Keiji Kawashima - Angel Marcos - Arash Radpour - Thomas Rose - Sergio Scabar - Nicola Toffolini

English text:
LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea is pleased to present Is there anybody out there? A group show of fifteen artists, from different backgrounds and various techniques which vary from acrylic on canvas to analogical photography and from painting to digital photography.

The common denominator of the show is the absence of the human figure or rather its non-visible presence. The human figure is an unjustified absence in the interiors of Akiyoshi, away from the revisited architectures of Bertusi, of Erkiletlian and of Giordano, disappeared in the urban landscapes of Chiesi, of Costa or of Kawashima, far from the location of Marcos or Radpour. Human being is then the observer of the hypothetic microcosmos created by Toffolini, but doesn’t interact with the “sacred object” photographed by Byrne.

The works of Is there anybody out there? represent places with out time, objects which are displaced from their original context, landscapes that become imaginary because of the unusual point of view, artificial juxtapositions of structures or buildings keep on being recognizable through details. These decontextualizations invite the spectator to reflect on the precarious human condition - here underlined by the absence of its representation - and interrogate upon the relativity of the external factor, in particular time and space.

Is there anybody out there?
Galleria LipanjePuntin
Via Armando Diaz 4
Orario - Ingresso: lun-ven 15.30 - 19.30, sab 16.30 - 19.30
Dal 13/01/07 al 10/03/07

Per maggiori informazioni
Email: info@lipuarte.it
Sito web: http://www.lipanjepuntin.com

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